Snack, Can & Bottle Vending Machines

We have a large Snack, Can & Bottle Vending Machines that we can be configured exactly to your requirements, from drink only, to snack only or a combination of drink and snack vending. Available with coin and contactless card payment options that will accept credit / debit card and apple and android pay.

Palma H70 Dual Temperature snack, can and bottle vending machines

Palma H70 Dual Temperature snack, can and bottle vending machine

The most basic and balanced module in the Palma+ range.

The Palma+ H70 DT machine guarantees an interior optimal temperature. It includes a double temperature technology which allows you to sell all types of products

Available from £26 a week

Palma H87 Dual Temperature snack, can and bottle vending machines

Palma H87 Dual Temperature snack, can and bottle vending machine

Large capacity with the most balanced features.

The Palma+ H87 DT is prepared to sell any type of products thanks to its double temperature system. Everything you need with a large capacity.

Available from £29 a week

Palma H87 Dual Temperature snack, can and bottle vending machines

Palma H87 Dual Temperature snack, can and bottle vending machine

The best combination between space and capacity which allows you to combine snack and cold drink products.

Mistral+ H70DT has 64 different selections with capacity for 80 Crisps, 240 Confectionary units & 96 cold drinks with the recommended configuration.


snack, can and bottle vending machine

Mistral H85- Snack, can and bottle vending machine

A great capacity in a snack and cold drink vending machine.

Mistral+ H85DT has 80 different selections with capacity for 100 Crisps,300 Confectionary units & 120 cold drinks with the recommended configuration.


snack, can and bottle vending machines

Zensia Espresso and Fresh Brew Tea + Snack / Cold Drink vending machine

Combination hot drink, cold drink, and snack vending machine

All the benefits of our Zensia floorstanding commercial coffee machine with the added benefit of snacks and cold drink vending in a relatively compact footprint. An added benefit of this combination of hot drink and snack vending machine is both machines are connected and utilise the same payment system, reducing costs. In its smallest configuration the snack vending machine can have up to 40 product selections although larger versions are available. Lease and purchase available.


snack, can and bottle vending machines

Tango – Snack, can and bottle vending machine

Tango, passion for variety

Necta’s passion for smart vending solutions has led to the development of TANGO, the Impulse model, which will charm you with its flexible allure. Tango has the capacity to offer a wide variety of products such as snacks, confectionery, fresh food, cans or bottles – or a combination of all five. Simple design and excellent performance combined in a machine that delivers great value for money and enhances any environment from medium to large locations.


snack, can and bottle vending machines

Twist – snack, can and bottle vending

A green star is born

In terms of energy efficiency and performance, Twist is one of the most interesting novelties for the segment of six-spiral distributors.

The new Twist represents a great evolution for this segment, offering technological solutions typical of the high-end products of our range.

Energy efficiency, attention to the environment, quality and advanced performance: these are the strengths of this new model.


snack, can and bottle vending machines

Orchestra Touch – Snack, can and bottle vending

Orchestra Touch, the most flexible innovation you can think of.

Among the other innovations, such as the transparent, modular and reconfigurable VisioShop trays and the high levels of energy efficiency, this model features an intuitive and simple touch selection area. Product selection and access to nutritional facts are easy and immediate. The consumer can browse through the promotions and buy more than one item with a single purchase while the operator can create a tailor-made offer for each location.


snack, can and bottle vending machines

Festival R290 – Sandwich, multi vendor machine

Festival is the smart solution for places needing to offer catering services 24/7. Not just a vending machine but a true automatic canteen.

The extreme flexibility of configuration allows the user to choose among sandwiches, snacks, drinks, fresh dishes, fruit and yoghurt. The enhanced electronics of Festival offers an advanced machine and products management.

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The Convenience Revolution: The Benefits of Having a Snack, Can, and Bottle Vending Machine in the UK

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience has become a top priority for individuals and businesses alike. One of the most convenient innovations of recent years is the snack, can, and bottle vending machine. These vending machines have become increasingly popular in the UK, offering a wide range of benefits to both consumers and entrepreneurs. In this article, we will explore the numerous advantages of having a snack, can, and bottle vending machine in the UK, with a particular focus on the benefits of leasing such machines.

1. Round-the-Clock Accessibility

One of the primary advantages of having snack, can, and bottle vending machines in the UK is the 24/7 accessibility they provide. These machines are always open for business, ensuring that consumers can satisfy their cravings for snacks, cold drinks, or canned beverages at any time of the day or night. This convenience is especially appreciated in locations where traditional stores may have limited hours, such as offices, hospitals, schools, or transport hubs.

2. Space-Efficient Solutions

Space is often a precious commodity in crowded urban environments. Snack, can, and bottle vending machines take up minimal space compared to traditional retail outlets. This makes them ideal for businesses looking to maximize their floor space while still offering a variety of refreshment options. The small footprint of these machines allows for placement in tight spots, ensuring that consumers can easily access their favourite snacks and beverages.

3. Diverse Product Selection

Modern snack, can, and bottle vending machines offer a wide and diverse range of products. Whether you’re in the mood for healthy snacks, sugary treats, or a refreshing drink, these machines have you covered. This variety ensures that consumers can find their preferred products, making vending machines and hot drinks vending machines a convenient choice for satisfying diverse cravings.

4. Healthier Options Available

In response to the growing demand for healthier snack and beverage options, many vending machines now offer a selection of nutritious choices. From granola bars to bottled water and low-calorie drinks, consumers can make healthier choices while on the go. This aligns with the increasing focus on well-being and encourages healthier eating habits.

5. Reduced Labor Costs

For businesses considering the installation of snack, can, and bottle vending machines, leasing is a cost-effective option. Leasing vending machines eliminates the need for hiring additional staff to manage sales and inventory, thereby reducing labor costs. It allows businesses to offer a convenient service without the added overhead of hiring and training employees.

6. Increased Revenue Potential

Vending machines offer a lucrative revenue stream for both business owners and operators. By providing a continuous sales channel, these machines generate income around the clock. Additionally, with the option to lease vending machines, businesses can easily expand their reach and increase their profit potential without substantial upfront costs.

7. Easy Maintenance and Restocking

Leasing snack, can, and bottle vending machines often comes with maintenance and restocking services provided by the leasing company. This means that business owners don’t need to worry about technical issues, product replenishment, or machine servicing. Such services ensure that vending machines remain operational, providing uninterrupted convenience to customers.

8. Customisation Options

Many food vending machines and cold drinks machines suppliers offer customisation options for businesses that lease their machines. This means you can personalize the machine’s exterior with your branding and even tailor the product selection to cater to specific consumer preferences. Customization helps create a unique shopping experience that can enhance customer loyalty.

9. Sustainability and Environmental Benefits

Modern vending machines are designed with energy-efficient features, reducing their environmental footprint. Additionally, recycling initiatives for cans and bottles are often conveniently integrated into these machines. As a result, consumers can easily dispose of their empty containers in an environmentally responsible manner, contributing to sustainability efforts.

In conclusion, the benefits of having can, bottle and snack vending machines in the UK are numerous and far-reaching. From providing round-the-clock accessibility and space-efficient solutions to offering a diverse product selection and promoting healthier choices, these machines are a valuable addition to any business or public space. For those considering this convenient venture, leasing vending machines can be a cost-effective and hassle-free way to tap into this thriving market while reaping the benefits of convenience and profitability.

The Benefits of Leasing your Vending Machine


1.Cost-Efficiency: Leveraging Lease Rentals for Vending Machine Acquisition

Leasing vending machines in the UK presents a compelling cost-efficient strategy for businesses. Through lease rental agreements, companies can acquire vending machines without the initial capital outlay that purchasing demands. This approach conserves financial resources and facilitates easy entry into the vending machine market.

2. Lease Rental Management: Preserving Cash Flow with Vending Machines

Effective cash flow management is a vital component of any business strategy. Vending machine lease rentals provide a structured payment plan, alleviating the pressure of a lump-sum purchase. By distributing payments over time, businesses can maintain healthy cash flow while still enjoying the benefits of vending machines.

3. Adaptability and Upgradability: Tailoring Your Vending Machine Lease

Lease rentals offer businesses the flexibility to adapt to changing needs. Vending machines can become outdated, but lease rental agreements often include options for equipment upgrades or replacements. This adaptability ensures your vending services remain competitive and customer-focused.

4. Tax Benefits: Maximizing Savings with Vending Machine Lease Rentals

Businesses can capitalize on potential tax benefits when leasing vending machines. Lease rental payments may be tax-deductible as operating expenses, effectively lowering the overall tax burden. This financial advantage enhances the appeal of leasing as a tax-efficient method to acquire and operate vending machines.

5. Maintenance and Support: Hassle-Free Vending Machine Lease Rentals

Vending machine lease rental agreements often encompass maintenance and support services. Leasing companies take on the responsibility of repairs, regular servicing, and restocking, minimizing operational hassles. With maintenance included in the lease rental, businesses can ensure their vending machines consistently provide a hassle-free experience for customers.

6. Efficient Installation: Quick Deployment of Vending Machines through Lease Rentals

Vending machine lease rentals streamline the installation process. Leasing companies possess expertise in setting up and configuring vending machines, ensuring a swift and efficient deployment. This reduces disruptions to business operations and enables businesses to generate revenue from vending machines without delay.

7. Budgeting Precision: Lease Rentals Facilitating Financial Planning for Vending Machines

Lease rentals for vending machines provide businesses with a clear and predictable budgeting framework. Knowing the fixed monthly payment simplifies financial planning, making it easier to allocate resources to various aspects of the business. This financial stability is particularly valuable for smaller businesses and startups looking to manage their finances prudently. take a look through our Snack, Can & Bottle Vending Machine Range.

Vending Machine lease conclusion

In conclusion, leasing vending machines in the UK through lease rental agreements offers businesses a smart and cost-effective solution. With the financial advantages of lease rentals, companies can effortlessly access the benefits of vending machines, preserve cash flow, and enjoy flexibility and tax benefits. The ease of lease rentals allows businesses to focus on delivering top-notch vending services while maintaining financial stability and adaptability.