Ice Crush Slush Machines – Available for Purchase or Lease Rental

Ice Crush Slush Machine Lease Rental available at a low cost, the premium brand Hybrid slush package. Our Italian built machines are manufactured to the highest standard, producing fantastic drinks, with minimum maintenance and long-term reliability.

Ice Crush – The Quality Slush

Our Ice Crush Slush machines are manufactured to the highest possible standards, to ensure consistent delivery of superior quality frozen drinks. Our Syrups are made at a purpose built BRC accredited facility and undergo stringent testing to ensure consistent high-quality syrups to keep your customers coming back for more. Our extra strong formula will on average generate an additional five litres of slush per container and all water used in the manufacturing process is triple filtered to remove all impurities. Budget syrups will often remove all sugar from their products which has a very negative impact on taste, repeat business and the life span of the equipment.

Ice Crush Slush Machines – For Sale & To Lease

Setup and training videos are provided so you know exactly how to get the best out of your machines and the cleaning and maintenance procedures to follow. Most companies offer no training on how to correctly operate and maintain the machines, this leads to the slush spoiling in the machine, sales dropping off drastically which has a huge impact on any potential profits. Ice Crush Slush Machine Lease Rental availbile.

Ice Crush Slush Machine

Ice Crush Slush Machine

Our Ice Crush slush machine is the ideal machine when space is a premium. Measuring in at only 42cm wide, 42cm deep and 74.5cm high. This is an ideal machine for your small to medium size businesses including corner shops, convince stores, chip shops, petrol stations, cafés, takeaways and most other food and drink retail environments. We also deal with many sports associations including rugby, football, cricket, and tennis clubs.

Ice Crush Slush XL Machine

Ice Crush Slush XL Machine

Our Ice Crush XL slush machine is the perfect machine higher volume environments were keeping up with demand is a higher priority than space. The machine measures 42cm wide and 47cm deep and 86cm high. This as an ideal machine for playcentres, seaside resorts, holiday parks, Ice cream parlours, restaurants, caravan parks and most larger retail environments.

Buy or Lease Slush Machines in the UK

Whether you plan to buy or lease a slush machine from Admiral, we offer the best value for money commercial slush machine packages in the UK. We can also provide point of sale marketing materials, cabinets, flags and bespoke signage to guarantee customers notice your new product range, along with economically effective flavour syrups.

High Profit Margins

Our customers use their own pricing as they need to set the pricing to match up with the rest of the refreshments offered and we have some large variations depending on location. Below is an example of a very reasonably priced large 12 oz slush at £2.00 ex Vat. The cost of products includes the slush, a cup and compostable spoon straw. We understand for some locations this would be too low but even at this price point the profits are exceptional.

The Best Slush Machines For Business

In the rare event of a problem, expect exceptional support from Admiral Vending’s specialist engineers, who will do everything possible to keep any downtime to an absolute minimum and get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

Our most popular flavours by far are strawberry and raspberry, these flavours account for 90% of all industry non-alcohol slush sales, we also offer lime and pineapple flavours.

Slushes per day (Large Cup) Cost of Products Weekly Annual
(Charged at £2.00 each) (27 pence per Cup) Profit Profit
10 a day (£140) 70 cups a week £18.90 £121.10 £6,297.20
20 a day (£280) 140 cups a week £37.80 £242.20 £12,594.40
30 a day (£410) 210 cups a week £56.70 £363.30 £18,891.60
40 a day (£560) 280 cups a week £75.60 £484.40 £25,188.80
50 a day (£700) 350 cups a week £94.50 £605.50 £31,486.00
60 a day (£820) 420 cups a week £113.40 £706.50 £32,738.00

The Advantages and Benefits of Premium Quality Ice Crush Slush Machines


When it comes to satisfying your cravings for a refreshing and icy treat, few things can match the allure of a perfectly blended slushie. Ice Crush Slush Machines have revolutionised the way we enjoy these frozen delights. Whether if you’re a business owner looking to boost profits, investing in a premium quality slush machine can bring a multitude of benefits. In this article, we will explore the advantages of having a top-notch Ice Crush Slush Machine, and specifically, we will delve into the benefits of leasing one.

Ice Crush Slush Machines: A Cool Marvel of Technology

  1. Consistent Quality Output Premium quality Ice Crush Slush Machines are engineered to deliver consistently smooth and uniform slushies. The precision of these machines ensures that every serving is a delightful sensory experience, maintaining the ideal balance of flavour and texture.
  2. Time and Labor Efficiency High-quality slush machines are designed for efficiency. They can handle high volumes of production with minimal effort, reducing the need for extensive manual labour. This not only saves time but also cuts operational costs in the long run.
  3. Durability and Reliability Investing in a premium machine means you’re getting a product built to last. These machines are constructed from robust materials, designed to withstand the demands of a busy environment, and come with warranties that provide peace of mind.

Benefits of Ice Crush Slush Machine Lease Rental

  1. Cost-Effective Entry Leasing a slush machine offers a cost-effective way to get started in the slush business. Instead of a hefty upfront purchase, you make monthly or quarterly payments, which can be more manageable for your budget.
  2. Cash Flow Management By choosing to lease, you can allocate your capital to other critical aspects of your business, such as marketing, staff training, or expanding your product range. This ensures better cash flow management and reduces financial strain.
  3. Flexibility in Upgrading The world of slushies is ever-evolving, with new flavours and trends emerging regularly. Leasing allows you to stay competitive by easily upgrading to the latest models without the financial burden of purchasing new equipment.
  4. Tax Advantages Lease payments are typically tax-deductible as a business expense, offering potential tax benefits. Consult with a financial advisor to explore the tax advantages available to your specific situation.
  5. Maintenance and Support Many lease agreements include maintenance and support services. This means that in case of any issues or breakdowns, you can rely on your leasing provider to take care of repairs promptly, minimizing downtime.

Conclusion – More Slush More Profits