Restaurant Coffee Machines

Restaurant Coffee machines are increasing, the number offering fresh bean coffee continues to increase year after year, offering an additional high profit revenue stream for your establishment.

Gone are the days of boiling the kettle and making some instant coffee. These days customers are prepared to pay a premium to have a high-quality freshly ground coffee, with or without their meal, from commercial coffee machines.

We have numerous commercial coffee machines options for your Restaurant when it comes to which coffee machine, and we are here to help guide you towards the best option. Would it be an automatic coffee machine that grinds the beans and does all the work at the push of a button, or would you like the involvement and theatre of a Traditional coffee machine?

We are here to talk you through the benefits and drawback of both for your restaurant. With the availability of coffee machine lease rentals to keep the initial outlay low you could increase your revenue without having to spend out upfront and increase your profits from day one.


A wide range of Table Top Coffee Machines suitable for every kind of business and industry.

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Floor Standing Coffee Machines

A wide range of floor standing Coffee Machines suitable for every kind of business and industry.

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We have a large range of Traditional Espresso Coffee machines available to suit your needs

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Snack, Can and Bottle Vending Machines

At Admiral Vending we have the perfect vending machines for our customers

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Our Ice Crush Slush machines are manufactured to the highest possible standards

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Our Italian bult machines are the perfect solution to provide high quality refreshing cocktails

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Welcome to Admiral Vending

As an independent company Admiral Vending Systems are able to offer the best machine for your needs regardless of manufacturer. We were established on the principle that putting customers first will build long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. Our manufacturer trained local engineers are normally able to respond within 8 hours and carry the vast majority of parts and stock needed. We have the experience and expertise to supply our customers with what they need and supply a five year service agreement to back it up.

From the initial conversation we will assess your needs, recommend the right machine for your environment then provide purchase or lease rental options. We will take care of the machine delivery, initial set up and training. We offer a comprehensive service agreement to keep your machine functioning and delivering your ingredients and supplies as and when you need them.

No matter what your circumstances we will do our best to find something that suits your needs from new start-up businesses, family-owned enterprises, SMEs, all the way up to multi-site nationally based companies.

We offer a large variety of machines our commercial coffee machine range includes tabletop coffee machines, floor standing coffee vending machine and traditional espresso coffee machines. We also supply vending machines that can be configured to take any combination of snack, can and bottle. As with the majority of our coffee machines, they can accept coin or contactless payment (Including apple and android pay, and credit and debit cards) In addition, we also supply our Ice Crush Slush and Ice cocktails machines.

Admirals’ local manufacturer trained engineers will ensure the machines are set up exactly to your requirements and make sure that your in-house operators are trained to high standard of competence. If you have a hot drink machine, we will fine tune the individual drinks from the initial shot of espresso, through to the hot chocolate, to make sure the drinks match your expectations. From there any maintenance calls placed with our customer service team will be handled efficiently and the call allocated to next available engineer. Your supplies will be delivered straight to your door as and when you need them.

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Commercial coffee machine from Admiral Vending in action

Restaurant Coffee Machine Benefits?

Enhancing the Dining Experience with a Restaurant Coffee Machine

For restaurants, high-quality commercial coffee machines are more than just appliances; they are a crucial tool for enhancing the overall dining experience. A restaurant coffee machine offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond serving a cup of coffee, making it an indispensable asset for any dining establishment.

Elevating Beverage Offerings with a Restaurant Coffee Machine

A restaurant coffee machine allows you to diversify your beverage menu and cater to a broader range of customer preferences. Whether it’s serving up classic espresso shots, crafting creamy cappuccinos, or creating speciality coffee cocktails, the versatility of a restaurant coffee machine ensures that your patrons have a wide variety of options to choose from. This expanded beverage selection not only increases customer satisfaction but also encourages them to linger longer, order more, and return for future visits.

Enhancing Profit Margins and Revenue with a restaurant coffee machine

Coffee is known for its high profit margins, and restaurant commercial coffee machines can significantly contribute to your bottom line. While the cost of coffee beans and other ingredients is relatively low, customers are often willing to pay a premium for a well-brewed cup of coffee. By investing in a quality restaurant coffee machine, you can boost your revenue and increase the profitability of your beverage offerings. Furthermore, coffee is a versatile ingredient for creating dessert drinks, which can further enhance your dessert menu and add an extra revenue stream.

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty with a Restaurant Coffee Machine

Providing a top-notch coffee experience through a restaurant coffee machine can leave a lasting impression on your customers. A freshly brewed cup of coffee is often the last item customers consume during their dining experience, and it can influence their overall satisfaction. When diners leave your restaurant with a positive coffee experience, they are more likely to return and recommend your establishment to others. In this way, a restaurant coffee machine not only enhances customer satisfaction but also fosters customer loyalty.

A Coffee Machine Provides Efficiency and Convenience

Restaurant coffee machines are designed for efficiency and convenience, allowing your staff to serve coffee quickly and consistently. This efficiency of the perfect coffee machine is particularly important during busy dining hours when the demand for coffee can be high. With the right machine, your restaurant can maintain smooth service, reduce wait times, and provide a hassle-free coffee experience for both your customers and your staff.

A restaurant coffee machine is an invaluable investment for dining establishments looking to elevate their beverage offerings, increase profit margins, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline service. It’s a versatile tool that not only delivers great coffee but also contributes to the overall success and reputation of your restaurant. By providing an exceptional coffee experience with espresso machines, you can turn first-time customers into loyal patrons and set your restaurant apart in a competitive dining industry.

Ice Refreshments?

Chilling Delights: The Benefits of Ice Crush Slush Machines and Ice Cocktail Machines for Restaurants

In the dynamic world of restaurants, innovation is the key to keeping customers engaged and coming back for more. Enter the ice crush slush machine and ice cocktail machine, two culinary powerhouses that not only quench thirst but also add a layer of excitement to the dining experience. Here, we explore the myriad benefits these machines bring to restaurants and how they contribute to a memorable and refreshing culinary journey.

Ice Crush Slush Machines: A World of Flavours and Fun at the Restaurant

  • Diverse Beverage Creations: Ice crush slush machines are incredibly versatile, offering a playground of flavours for restaurants to explore. From classic fruit-based slushies to adult-friendly frozen cocktails, these machines enable restaurants to cater to a wide range of customer preferences. They’re a must-have for establishments looking to diversify their beverage offerings and add a fun and vibrant dimension to the menu.
  • High-Profit Margins: Slushies are not only a crowd-pleaser but also a profitable venture for restaurants. The cost of ingredients is relatively low, making them an attractive choice for restaurants looking to boost their bottom line. Moreover, customers often perceive slushies as an indulgent treat, which means they’re willing to pay a premium for these icy delights.
  • Refreshing Appeal: Especially during hot weather or in regions with warm climates, ice crush slush machines can provide patrons with a much-needed respite. Restaurants can capitalize on this by offering a refreshing beverage option that can draw in customers looking to cool down. Slushies also complement outdoor dining areas, creating an inviting atmosphere for customers to enjoy.

Ice Cocktail Slush Machines: Elevating the Cocktail restaurant Experience

  • Craftsmanship and Consistency: Ice cocktail machines take mixology to the next level. They churn out perfectly chilled and textured cocktails with precision, ensuring that each drink is consistently well-made. This level of consistency is essential for delivering a memorable and high-quality cocktail experience to restaurant patrons.
  • Efficiency and Speed: Ice cocktail machines streamline the cocktail-making process, reducing wait times for customers. Bartenders can focus on adding the finishing touches and garnishes, knowing that the base of the cocktail is prepared quickly and efficiently. This improved efficiency can lead to higher customer turnover and satisfaction.
  • Innovation and Creativity: With ice cocktail machines, restaurants have the freedom to experiment and innovate with frozen cocktails. They can develop unique signature drinks that set them apart from the competition. Whether it’s crafting a distinctive frozen margarita or a tropical daiquiri, the possibilities for customization are endless. Restaurants can create a buzz by featuring seasonal or themed frozen cocktails that keep patrons intrigued and returning for more.

Ice crush slush machines and ice cocktail machines are invaluable assets for restaurants looking to enhance their beverage offerings and elevate the overall dining experience. From diversifying beverage menus and increasing profit margins to providing a refreshing appeal during warm seasons and crafting high-quality cocktails with precision and efficiency, these machines contribute to a dining atmosphere that is both fun and sophisticated. Restaurants that invest in these machines can not only boost their revenue but also establish themselves as dining destinations of choice for patrons seeking icy and imaginative refreshments. Whether it’s a classic slushie or an inventive cocktail, integrating these machines can be a game-changer for your restaurant.