Ice Cocktail Machines

Admiral's Ice Cocktails is our premium brand cocktail package. Our Italian built machines are the perfect solution to provide high quality refreshing cocktails time after time.

Ice Cocktails
Refreshing frozen drinks time after time

Our Ice Cocktail machines are manufactured to the highest possible standards, to ensure consistent delivery of superior quality frozen cocktails.

Our cocktail syrups are made at a purpose built BRC accredited facility and undergo thorough testing to ensure high-quality syrups to keep your customers coming back again and again. Our extra strength formula will on average generate an additional five litres of slush per container and all water used in the manufacturing process is triple filtered to remove all impurities.

Budget cocktail syrups will often remove all sugar from their products which has a very negative impact on taste, repeat business and the life span of the equipment.

Ice Cocktail Slush Machines
For sale or lease

Setup and training videos are provided so you know exactly how to get the best out of your machines and the cleaning and maintenance procedures to follow.

Most companies offer no training on how to correctly operate and maintain the machines, this leads to the syrup spoiling in the machine, sales dropping off drastically which has a huge impact on any potential profits.

Admiral Vending’s branded cocktail machines are a proven money earner. Easy to operate and extremely space efficient, they deliver a reliable source of income to a wide variety of licensed premises and streamline the process to deliver consistent cocktails time after time. Our Cocktail packages include the Ice Cocktail machine, syrups, mixing containers, cocktail glasses, compostable spoon straws and start from as little as £14 a week.

Ice Cocktail Machine

Our Ice Cocktail machine is the perfect machine when space is a premium. Measuring in at only 42mm wide, 42mm deep and 74.5mm high. This is an ideal machine for your small to medium size licensed premises including pubs, taverns, inns, wine bars and smaller restaurants. Equipped with two five litre bowls and an innovative electronic thermostat with a digital display that indicates the temperature of the cocktails.

The solution is in compliance with the new regulations for drinks conservation. Our colourful branding draws attention to the machine and the superior quality slush cocktails will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Ice Cocktail XL Slush machine

Our Ice Cocktail XL slush machine is the ideal machine for higher volume locations were keeping up with demand is more important than space. This as an ideal machine for larger bars, pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants. The machine measures 42mm wide and 47mm deep and 86mm high The Italian built Ice cocktail XL is equipped with two ten litre bowls and an electronic thermostat with a digital display that indicates the temperature of the cocktails. The solution is in compliance with the regulations for drinks conservation. Our branding and the internal lighting system draws attention to the machine and the refreshing cocktails will keep your customers coming back for more.

Buy or Lease Slush Cocktail Machines in the UK

Whether you plan to purchase or lease a slush cocktail machine from Admiral, we offer the best value for money commercial cocktail packages in the UK. We can also provide point of sale marketing materials, flags and bespoke signage to guarantee customers notice your new cocktail range, along with economically effective flavour syrups.

High Profit Margins

Our customers set their own pricing as they need to use pricing that matches up with the rest of the refreshments offered and we have some large variations depending on business type and location. Below is an example of a very reasonably priced 14 oz cocktail at £3.00 ex Vat. This doesn’t account for what customers would charge on top for a double shot of spirit which further increase profits. The cost of products includes the slush and a compostable spoon straw. We understand some locations would charge more but even at this price point the profits are exceptional.

Ice cocktail machines for sale or rent in South Wales

The Best Slush Cocktail Machines For Business
For sale or lease

In the event of a machine issue, expect exceptional support from Admiral Vending’s specialist engineers, who will do everything possible to keep any downtime to an absolute minimum.

Our most popular flavour cocktails are pina colada and margarita, though strawberry and raspberry daiquiri’ are increasing in popularity. Serving the drinks couldn’t be quicker, add a double shot of the desired spirit to the cocktail glass then place the glass under the machine, pull the handle until the cocktail reaches the desired level, then add a straw and give it a quick stir.

In short, Admiral Vending Systems can supply everything your establishment needs to create a new and highly profitable revenue stream for your licensed premises, providing you with an ‘in-demand’ product that continues to get more popular year after year.

For more information about buying or leasing a commercial cocktail slush machine from Admiral give us a call today on 01792 673 157 or send us an email at [email protected].

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