Floor standing Coffee Machines

Our fully Automatic floor standing Coffee machines can be configured exactly to your specification, and most are available with the following options. Coin payment Mechanisms, contactless payment systems (including compatibility with credit / debit card and apple and android pay) and 9 or 12oz cup sizes. These machines are ideal for unattended locations as the whole process is automated and keeps any potential mess to a minimum. A customer makes their selection, for example a cappuccino with two sugars and then pays. The machine then drops a cup, mixes the ingredients internally then dispenses them into the cup.

Floor Standing coffee machines

Zen Espresso Coffee Machine + Fresh Brew Tea

The maximum quality hot beverages

Our smallest fully automatic floor standing commercial coffee machine with an internal cup dropper and sugar dispenser. Genuine espresso coffee and real leaf tea, Zen espresso & FBT has a complete menu selection. The machine is available with or without a cabinet. Coin and card payment options available.


Floor Standing coffee machines

Zensia Espresso Coffee Machine and Fresh Brew Tea

The Perfect Espresso Coffee time after time – A slimline floor standing coffee machine

Genuine espresso bean to cup coffee and real leaf tea, Zensia Espresso & FBT has a complete menu selection. The Zensia is the perfect fully automatic commercial coffee vending machine for high footfall environments with minimum space. Delivering a large range of true espresso coffee drinks, fresh leaf tea and hot chocolates in very compact footprint. With the ability to have coin and contactless payment for ease of use. The machine incorporates a cup dropper and adds any sugar selections internally eliminating the need for stirring sticks and reducing the chance of any mess in the surrounding area. Available for lease rental or purchase.


Floor Standing coffee machines

Zensia Espresso and Fresh Brew Tea + Snack / Cold Drink Vending

Combination hot drink, cold drink, and snack floor standing vending machine

All the benefits of our Zensia floorstanding commercial coffee machine with the added benefit of snacks and cold drink vending in a relatively compact footprint. An added benefit of this combination of hot drink and snack vending machine is both machines are connected and utilise the same payment system, reducing costs. In its smallest configuration the snack vending machine can have up to 40 product selections although larger versions are available. Lease and purchase available.


Floor Standing coffee machines

Neo Espresso and Fresh Brew Tea

True espresso coffee menu along with freshly brewed tea drinks, milk & chocolate – floor standing coffee machine

The Neo automatic coffee machine prepares on the spot authentic Italian style espresso coffees and a range of fresh leaf tea drinks, along with a wide chocolate and milk hot-beverage menu. For high volume environments this machine can produce hundreds of drinks per day. Contactless and card payment systems available. This machine has an internal cup dropper and internal sugar dispenser. An impressive floor standing automatic coffee vending machine for sale or lease


Floor Standing coffee machines

Neo+ Espresso and Fresh Brew Tea

Espresso and Fresh Leaf Tea floor standing

The largest and most robust of our fully automatic commercial floor standing coffee vending machines. The Neo+ commercial coffee machine offers the best of both worlds, with a true Italian style espresso based range of coffees, fresh from the bean, as well as tea brewed from fresh leaves. This is the ideal machine for high footfall environments with a touch screen menu that grabs the attention. Features an internal cup dropper with numerous payment options available. It can be leased and purchased.

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The Benefits of Floor Standing coffee Machines


1. Exceptional Brewing Capacity with Floor Standing Coffee Machines:

Floor standing coffee machines are designed with larger brewing capacities compared to countertop or compact models. This feature makes them ideal for commercial settings such as offices, cafes, and restaurants where a high demand for coffee is constant. With the ability to brew multiple cups or even pots of coffee at once, these machines ensure that you can serve a steady stream of customers or employees without long waiting times.

2. Versatile Beverage Options from Floor Standing Coffee Machines:

Many floor standing coffee machines are equipped with multiple beverage options beyond just regular coffee. They can prepare a wide range of drinks, including espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, and even hot chocolate. This versatility allows businesses to cater to diverse tastes and preferences, attracting a broader customer base and enhancing the overall customer experience.

3. Convenient Self-Serve Stations with Floor Standing Coffee Machines:

Floor standing coffee machines often come with built-in self-serve stations or dispensers. These features simplify the coffee preparation process for users, as they can simply select their desired beverage and have it dispensed directly into their cup. This not only reduces the need for additional staff but also minimizes the chances of spills and mess, contributing to a cleaner and more efficient operation.

4. Customisable Settings for Floor Standing Coffee Machines:

Many modern floor standing coffee machines offer customisable settings for various aspects of coffee preparation, such as grind size, water temperature, and brewing time. This level of control allows businesses to fine-tune their coffee recipes to match their target audience’s preferences precisely. Whether customers prefer a strong espresso or a mild latte, these machines can be adjusted to deliver the perfect cup every time.

5. Enhanced Aesthetics and Branding with Floor Standing Coffee Machines:

Floor standing coffee machines often come in sleek and attractive designs that can complement the aesthetics of your business space. They can be customized with branding elements, such as logos and colors, to create a cohesive and professional look. This not only adds to the overall ambiance of your establishment but also reinforces your brand identity, making your business more memorable to customers.

6. Cost-Efficient Operation of Floor Standing Coffee Machines:

Despite their larger size and capabilities, many floor standing coffee machines are designed to be energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate. They can be programmed to go into standby mode during non-peak hours or automatically turn off after a certain period of inactivity. This helps businesses reduce energy consumption and lower operational costs in the long run.

7. Easy Maintenance and Cleaning with Floor Standing Coffee Machines:

Floor standing coffee machines often come with features that simplify maintenance and cleaning. Removable components, like drip trays and coffee grounds bins, are typically easy to access and clean. Some machines also have self-cleaning functions, which reduce the need for frequent manual cleaning and maintenance, saving both time and labor costs.

8. Scale for Growing Businesses with Floor Standing Coffee Machines:

Investing in a floor standing coffee machine can be a strategic move for growing businesses. These machines can accommodate increased demand as your customer base expands, eliminating the need for frequent equipment upgrades. This scalability ensures that your coffee service remains efficient and reliable, even during periods of rapid growth.

In conclusion, floor standing coffee machines offer a range of benefits that make them an excellent choice for businesses looking to provide high-quality coffee beverages to their customers or employees. Their exceptional brewing capacity, versatility, convenience, customizable settings, and other features contribute to a seamless and cost-effective coffee service that can enhance customer satisfaction and boost business performance.

What are the benefits of leasing a floor standing coffee vending machine?


  1. Cost-Efficient Leasing: Leasing a floor standing coffee vending machine allows you to spread the cost of this equipment over a fixed period, typically through manageable monthly payments. This approach is often more budget-friendly than making a significant upfront purchase, making it accessible for businesses of various sizes and financial situations.
  2. Financial Flexibility with leasing: Leasing doesn’t tie up your capital or credit lines, ensuring that you have the flexibility to allocate your resources to other critical aspects of your business. It preserves your working capital, which can be directed toward growth initiatives or other operational needs.
  3. Access to Up-to-Date Equipment: Coffee vending machine technology is continually evolving, with newer models offering improved features, energy efficiency, and better user experiences. Leasing ensures that you have access to the latest equipment, allowing you to provide a better coffee experience to your customers or employees. At the end of your lease term, you can often upgrade to a newer model without additional financial strain.
  4. Maintenance and Service Included: Many floor standing coffee vending machine lease agreements include maintenance and service options. This means that you don’t have to worry about unexpected breakdowns or costly repairs. Regular maintenance ensures that your machine operates efficiently, reducing downtime and ensuring a consistent supply of coffee.
  5. Tax Benefits: Lease payments for business equipment like coffee vending machines are often considered operational expenses and may be tax-deductible in some regions. This can lead to reduced tax liabilities for your business, providing an additional financial advantage.
  6. Quality Assurance: Leasing from reputable providers often comes with quality assurance. You can trust that the vending machines you lease meet industry standards and provide reliable performance, giving you peace of mind in the quality of the coffee you offer.

Leasing a floor standing coffee vending machine is a strategic decision that offers cost-efficiency, financial flexibility, access to the latest equipment, maintenance and service benefits, potential tax advantages, and quality assurance. It allows businesses to provide coffee solutions without the financial burden of purchasing outright, making it a practical choice for those looking to enhance their coffee offerings while maintaining financial stability.